Training For The Use Of Software and Hardware

Whether you are running a large corporate company or a small retail store, if you are going to induct new people or want to introduce new technology into your business, never do so without first arranging for a training program. The connect between training and competency cannot be overemphasized. Both these terms go hand in hand. This is especially true in the case of latest technologies, as well as both software and hardware.

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Why training

The first thing that anyone who is being trained is to be told is about the 'why' part. Once you make the objective of the training program clear, everything else is bound to fall in place. There is also no harm in sharing the agenda for the training program. For example, if you are conducting a training program that will teach new recruits on using the latest telephone sets or headsets, then you need to tell them as to why these pieces of equipment are important in a work environment.

Don't over train

One of the key things that a trainer needs to remember, particularly when dealing with software or hardware technologies is to show the trainees what they would do most during actual work. Many a times software or hardware training programs go off track because they tend to deviate into the 'what if' area. Instead it is always preferable that you are absolutely clear about the content to be covered during the program. This would ensure that there are no confused trainees.

Reference material

In the case of both software, as well as hardware, the importance of reference material cannot be over emphasized. However, again in this case too, there is no use giving the trainees huge voluminous books to go through, for they will surely not be interested. Instead, the trainer should prepare reference material that is interesting and contains what the trainees would be using during the actual work environment. For example, if the training is about voice recognition software, then it is best that you stick to this part, rather than going into details about any other software tool.

Provide practical experience

Then comes the important part. It is one thing to teach and quite another to let the trainees have hands-on experience. Make sure that they try out whatever they have learnt in theory. You need to demonstrate them the various technologies. There is also no harm in trying to give them some 'homework'. It will help you get an idea about the grasp of the trainees.